Natural Resource Mgt and Watershed

Watershed Project

District level quality monitoring (DQM) of Watershed Management mission has been done in 91 villages with help of Jila Panchayat Chhindwara. In DQM 23 villages of Hariyali 01, 27 villages of Hariyali-02, 34 villages of Hariyali-3 of D.P.A.P. and 7 villages of Pandhurna of IWMP. District panchayar has handed over DQM work after all formal process and after evaluating the quality of work undertaken by JAMAS, success of various projects and other various aspects. JAMAS has completed this by reaching in villages and treatment area with team of experts with maintaining full quality.

Jamas have given special support to village VIshala, Badkuhi, Aagarapur under 4E 5E 5V Hariyali 03 of Bichhua development block. In the same way Jamas has played an important role in treatmental activities of 4E 5H 9A Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Mission Amarwara. Sonsar team of Jamas has worked for IWMP Pandhurna and 4E 5E 4C Hariyali 01 of Sonsar. Jamas team has done remarkable work for different other watershed projects too.

46 SMC dimostration plant have been developed in different villages of Jamai development block with support of Reliance Life Sciences.

Jan Mangal Sansthan is operating successfully IWMP project in Sivni Malva development block of Hoshangabad district.