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History of Organisation

In 1996 senior administrative officer, subject specialist, socicropped-hul.jpgal worker whos involv in education and Shakchharta work. Decided that, it’s necessary to work a team in rural and tribal area which will be becomes a good helper of devel
opment in that area. According to notice problem and need of that area. For completin
g that thought in 1998 we registered with government according society act by the name of JAN MANGAL SANSTHAN. Which registration number is
JC-3754 Date 18 may 1998. With a view to bring about Socio economic change in the lives of most neglected and deprived area of Madhya Pradesh. The JAMAS with its dedicated staff, volunteer and support from likeminded local, Governmental and International agencies, is trying to bring some happiness on the gloomy faces of totally unprivileged and un-noticed down trodden community of this area.


“Jamas has a very clear vision toward the native of the district is to make a better change in the worse life with awareness and skill development program and increasing capacity so that the people could do better livelihood and make better quality of life.”

Objectives of JAMAS
  1. To aware enthusiasm in the people for grading up their living standard is the main object of jamas.
  2. To conduct need base activities to follow/fill up main object is :
  3. To unite government, nongovernment and local institution, to circulate them widly and do different activities for Environment, Health, Education (Literacy, post literacy, continued education, high and higher education, primary education and vocational education.) sanitation, child labour, welfare of labour, joint forest management, watershed area, to add local body and govt. & non Govt. institute, to publish extensions & to do various work.
  4. To grow self (inspiration) and Social awareness in the citizen with publicity of the meeting for various development programme, seminar, Electronic media, cultural group, Art group etc.
  5. To conduct varies development programme for strengthen of handicapped, women, Villagers and Children.
  6. To grow idea of co-operation, and inspiration of Economic development, and human resource in the citizens.
  7. To add the labour, mines labour, farmer, Student, youth Akshar sainik and new literate’s with creative work.
  8. To work uplift the Indian culture, people science star histology, and Indian ancient device.
  9. To conduct and establish training center, counseling center, Research center, University School, activity centre, Resource center, Investigation & experimental and Innovation are established for fulfillment of the objects.
  10. To prepare conduct according to rules & regulation plan and project, and to contact, and to get help from state Government, central Government their agencies & various institutes for fulfillment of all above objects.
  11. To work jointly search possible with all national and international Government & non Government agencies which are working so the above field, for full filament of all above objects
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